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What does your look say about you?

To look your best is a sacred task for every woman. Each one of us wants to look as good as she feels. The way we dress distinguishes us from everybody else. Each one should have a unique style that is why it is important not to blindly follow trends. You need to check if the trend fits you then go for it, if not then it was not made for you even if you like it.

The only rule in style is that you should dress to the occasion. You cannot go to a formal celebration dressed casually. You cannot go to work in your pajamas! The most important thing whatever the occasion is, is that you are dressed comfortably and happily. It takes a lot of research and a lot of mixing and matching to find something personal. Something that matches you identity and gives a brief account of what your personality is like. Appearances are very important in our social life, so it is really important that you match your clothes to your personality to avoid any first impression misunderstandings.

The same applies to jewelry. Your jewelry speaks about you more than you can imagine, even more than clothes. It is that unique addition, the print of your spirit that you add to your style. It is important for you to go through different styles of jewelry in order to pick the best that suits you and represents you in the best way.

If you are a bold, outgoing, outdoor person you’ll always find a piece of yourself in the eccentric and bohemian jewelry styles. You’re not afraid to play with different shapes and colors, simple but artistic is your signature. Different textures and materials doesn’t scare you. You’re always exploring to find what no one else wears.

If you are a calm, classic person, who loves formal wear and spends time in meetings, balls, and museums you will find your signature in the minimal, simple jewelry for everyday use. As for the big events, you’re the eye catcher with all the clear geometric cuts and shapes, all the glamour and the good old diamond necklace. You wear whatever complements your overall appearance.

If you are a mixture of both characters, sometimes a cool outgoing person, while maintaining your class for other occasions then vintage pieces would be your go to. Pieces with history that enriches the overall sense of your appearance. It adds depth to your character since vintage jewelry is so precious. Don’t be afraid to mix and match between colors and styles.

It’s not so hard to find a style that fits your personality. All it takes is a little bit of research and trials. After you settle, you feel so confident and fulfilled.

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