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The importance of pampering yourself

Some days you feel off balance, you feel tired and stressed while doing even your daily chores. You feel fed up and your mind feels blocked. It is because you’ve been using up your energy to the max and you pushed yourself to the limit. With today’s pace, It’s too hard to find time for yourself or to take a day off from your responsibilities to focus on your needs. Thinking about the idea of spoiling yourself always seems as if it would be time consuming or wasted time that you could have used to do something better. Despite that fact, it is really harmful for your mental health and stress levels not to. that is why we always need time to be happy and to be ourselves. It is always good to be committed and responsible, but taking a break never meant being neglectful or careless. Actually, pampering yourself was proven medically useful. But first, we need to discuss what pampering yourself is and how to do it.

Pampering is ‘to give someone special treatment, making that person as comfortable as possible and giving them whatever they want’ that is the Cambridge dictionary definition of the word. The effects of not doing so are awful. It is medically proven that your brain focuses for up to 120 minutes before it needs a proper rest. Since we don’t honor that capacity, we overload our brains in a daily manner working for up to 10 hours daily before going home to take care of other types of work. It breaks down fast especially when we don’t get enough sleep. Causing hormonal imbalances that affects everything we do by not allowing us to focus properly or get our jobs done as fast as we should. It also affects our physical capabilities as stress has physical symptoms and it weakens our immune system which leaves us physically weak and gives a chance for some illnesses, including cancer, to infect us. Most of the time we notice how people around us need a break and we advise them to take some time off to spoil themselves. Look around and see, who deserves such treatment better than you? Since pampering yourself reduces your stress levels and pushes anxiety and self-doubt away from your life, it gives you that rush of confidence and clarity that helps you think creatively and out of the box.

Pampering yourself increases oxytocin and serotonin levels, which are the feel good hormones, your mind produces them when you’re doing something that makes you happy. And what makes a woman happy more than shopping? We all go shopping, it is a part of our daily tasks, but we can always use it as a way to pamper and spoil ourselves, only if we’re committed to focus only on ourselves while doing it. that’s a little trick that would make us happy without actually taking up much of our time. It is always good to have that necklace that you want. It is always cheerful to go up that jewelry store and sit and be fitted to choose whatever you like more. Most women have a lot of irrelevant jewelry in their jewelry box because they usually get it as gifts. But you’d never know the feeling of happiness and accomplishment buying your own jewelry gives you. First of all, you get the kicks from the process of choosing and trying on all those different items. Second, it is always guaranteed that the piece matches your personality and clothes. It is a piece of you added to your overall appearance. Third, you get to match it with other pieces you already have to create your own unique set of jewelry. Fourth, you feel greatly independent for not waiting for someone to buy you stuff. You get that liberty sensation that you can do your own business and spend your money on your interests. Fifth, you can use it as a rewarding system, get yourself a gift for pushing through the week or getting that job done. Siran advises you to make it a monthly or even a weekly process. To regain your mental stability and to give yourself the treatment you deserve.

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