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How to overcome the fear of aging?

Every woman have that consistent fear of growing old. Of not being able to move freely, of being ill, or of not being as pretty. The fact is whether we fear it or not it is inevitably coming, and being afraid of it is not going to help. Actually, if anything it poses a problem. It is true that we will all become wrinkly, tired, and our minds will tend to lose memories and ideas. It sure seems like a bad and painful thing. However, it sure can be controlled.

If we eat healthy, play sports, and maintain a healthy lifestyle as we are still young we can keep our bodies well. If we play word games, board games, and solve IQ riddles, we can keep our minds well. Taking care of our skin will keep our wrinkles at bay. But what about feeling pretty? Feeling beautiful and having a young soul that believes that age is just a number? How do we believe the concept that the older we get the sexier and wiser we become? It is not about our faces, it is about our hearts and minds.

We gain all the experience the world offers us as we grow older. We become smarter and wiser. We gain perspective and sight. Plus, the fashion is pretty as hell. Growing old allows you to wear sophisticated elements and clothes mostly all the time. Your clothes, your jewelry, and your hairstyle gives you class and respect. Everybody will regard you as the wise one to whom they go for counseling. Also, you will get to wear all your vintage and sophisticated jewelry all the time. Whether you grow to be a minimalist or not, vintage jewelry and classic ones are the best. All the diamonds, the sheer sparkle that brightens your day but doesn’t really extravagate your style.

There are many important pieces every lady must have, like the pencil skirts, cardigans and tank tops. Keeping the colors solid makes it great for any necklace type. Be it long ones or short ones. But the ones that go best with tank tops are the colored string necklaces, bib necklaces, collar necklaces, matinee necklaces, plastrons and princess necklaces.

As for the casual wear, a good old denim dark pants with a shirt or a blouse is always good for a casual everyday outing. These are a perfect opportunity to wear your pendants and thread necklaces.

As for the rings, it’d be better not to stack as an old lady, but if the rings are simple then why not? Just stay away from same finger stacking if more than two rings and stay away from knuckle rings. The bracelets are your playground. Knock yourself out using whatever bracelets you like. Be creative when stacking but just keep it simple and try not to stack both arms.

The only problem with old age is that we enter the phase as young ones, we refuse to grow up and fill the shoes. We fear the process so much that we deny the fact that whether we accept it or not, we already reached there. Denying it only takes away the fun of the fashion and the charisma. Embrace the phase you are going through. Every phase has its beauty and charisma, accept it to be able to shine through it.

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