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Here is the hidden treasure. The know hows, the guides, the dos and donts, all you might want to know about jewelry and fashion and how to deal with both. Stay tuned!
What does your look say about you?

To look your best is a sacred task for every woman. Each one of us wants to look as good as she feels. The way we dress distinguishes us from everybody else. Each one should have a unique style that is why it is important not to blindly follow trends. You need to check if the trend fits you then go for it, if not then it was not made for you even if you like it.
How to overcome the fear of aging?

Every woman have that consistent fear of growing old. Of not being able to move freely, of being ill, or of not being as pretty. The fact is whether we fear it or not it is inevitably coming, and being afraid of it is not going to help. Actually, if anything it poses a problem. It is true that we will all become wrinkly, tired, and our minds will tend to lose memories and ideas. It sure seems like a bad and painful thing. However, it sure can be controlled.
The importance of pampering yourself

Some days you feel off balance, you feel tired and stressed while doing even your daily chores. You feel fed up and your mind feels blocked. It is because you’ve been using up your energy to the max and you pushed yourself to the limit. With today’s pace, It’s too hard to find time for yourself or to take a day off from your responsibilities to focus on your needs. Thinking about the idea of spoiling yourself always seems as if it would be time consuming or wasted time that you could have used to do something better. Despite that fact, it is really harmful for your mental health and stress levels not to. that is why we always need time to be happy and to be ourselves. It is always good to be committed and responsible, but taking a break never meant being neglectful or careless. Actually, pampering yourself was proven medically useful. But first, we need to discuss what pampering yourself is and how to do it.
History of jewelry

It is hard to find an art work without Greek roots. The same applies to jewelry. Their designs were amazing and breath-taking. They rocked their tiaras and their headbands. Their women looked marvelous in those arm and thigh bands, which were all mostly made of gold. Many designers derive their works from old Greek inspirations.
Choosing the perfect piece for the occasion

In every woman’s life, there is always that confusing moment when you can’t decide which piece of jewelry you should wear. Whether it’s an outing with friends, a wedding, a work meeting or just a daily errand. There’re always dos and don’ts when it comes to jewelry.